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@hindol.adhya @saikyun @wilkerlucio Hey everyone, quick update since things have been fairly quiet on the Ghostwheel front for the last few months. I was a little sidetracked – or rather completely off the radar – due to another project I've been trying to get off the ground for a while and the almost-finished next release of Ghostwheel has been sitting there until recently, waiting to be finally pushed across the finish line and resolve a number of, at this point, long-standing issues. While activity on the project is likely to continue in bursts rather than continuously, I cautiously expect both the intervals between releases as well as my response time to issues and the occasional question on the Clojurians slack to become shorter. I'll be replying to open issues and Slack messages over the coming few days, if you posted here without a response or otherwise tried to get in touch with me unsuccessfully and I don't get back to you until the end of the week, feel free to give it another go if you're still interested in the project. TL;DR – Ghostwheel's alive and kicking, it just likes to take a longer nap every now and then.

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Saikyun05:05:32 glad to hear it! 🙂 happy to hear you're okay as well

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one issue I've noticed but had a hard time reproducing in a smaller project, is that in a cljs project, I've had instrumentation break a lot. is this something you've noticed?


Not really, but then again I'm yet to battletest it properly, so I'm open to looking at feedback and any specific issues that arise. :)


okay, cool. I can try the new release and see if occurs then