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@jazzytomato that won’t work because tachyons/styles is bound to the values of those vars so redefining that orange with with-redefs won’t make a difference. since all of tachyons/styles is data, however, you could use clojure.walk/postwalk-replace to find and replace all instances of the value "#ff6300" (which is the original value of that orange) in tachyons/styles. something like

(defstyles screen
    {"#ff6300" "#fbf1a9"}
should do the trick.


the substitution map should probably be written

{ca.clojurist.styles.tachyons.config.colors/orange "#fbf1a9"}


i hope that helps!


@noprompt oooh ok I get it thanks!! 😄👍 I might do that but if I replace values I might get some unexpected replacements (some values are less specific like 1em) I think I will just include the code of that lib in my project rather than using it as a dependency, and change the config file directly...