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Glad to hear it's not dead, and I totally understand that life gets in the way 🙂. I'd be interested in participating in this monthly event when you figure it out.


Hey @madstap I've been talking with @noprompt about how we can keep it alive. I personally want to see Garden as the second choice to PostCSS for developers. For that we need to rally a community behind it to ensure there is continued development and interest in the project.


I’m also interested in becoming actively involved in Garden development if the project needs more developers.


Developing plugins that allow feeding Garden your Hiccup HTML data and have it determine what CSS is unused would be one of the many plugins that would be particularly useful.


@niamu the project needs more active developers. I alone cannot fully commit to it at this point in my life. What I'd like to do is host a monthly meeting to discuss the project and involve more people.


Once my son is born within the next few weeks I'll be able to plan that meetup.


Sounds great, I’m definitely interested. I look forward to hearing more about next steps.