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working with promesa.exec.csp ... there's a slight semantic difference in noticed from manifold and core.async in that:

(sp/put ch :foo)
(sp/close! ch)
@(sp/take ch) ;=> nil
results in nil (i.e. the channel closes before the put happens), whereas with similar manifold and core.async sequences the result would be :foo - presumably because they are both doing some synchronous queueing of puts, whereas promesa.exec.csp is parking until there is a consumer and that never happens i'm not sure this is a bad thing though ... it's easy enough to compensate for, and puting without waiting on the result is perhaps a code smell anyway


anyway, i did a promesa.exec.csp based implementation for my manifold-a-like lib, and it mostly works (still got a few test errors to work through):


yep, it is expected behavior difference, and it depends on the channel type. core.async preserves all pending puts to the channel when you call close!, this is why, after a close you can take! it. promesa on the other hand, clears all queues on close, and resolves with nil all pending operations.

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if channel was buffered, the result will be different, the value will be put in buffer synchronously and the take will success with expected value after close!