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what on earth happened to promesa between 1.9.0 and 5.1.0. Under current docs, I can find no reference to anything cljs - like async


ok, I see this was intentional. It escapes me looking at the current version how to get the value of a promise in cljs. What am I missing?


what do you want to do that for @hoppy? is the let syntax insufficient - that seems to be new promesa's async/await equivalent (caveat: i haven't used the new promesa api, I'm still on the old api, and mostly consuming that via funcool/cats too)


@mccraigmccraig - I guess I'm looking for a way to get the gumball out at the end of a promise chain. This might be contrary to how things work in jsland, and a barrier I need to get past mentally


@mccraigmccraig ok, slowly getting the hang of this - thanks for putting up with my griping


you can stuff values into an atom or print @hoppy... there may also be an underlying js api that will let you examine the current value of a promise without blocking, dunno, haven't looked