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hi, do i have to do anything special to get parameters to work in bide? i can get URL params to work with something like /cljs/some-path/:param1, but i can’t seem to get parameters to be provided in the :on-navigate function 3rd parameter. i didn’t define anything in the route though, i didn’t see anything in the docs about it. I’m trying something like /cljs/some-path/abc?my-param=abc


that being said, this works:

[1:1]~cljs.user=> (b/match @r/router "/cljs?a=1")
[:index nil {:a "1"}]
so maybe it’s something weird in my setup?


adding a breakpoint in the bide stuff seems to think the path is just /cljs/some-path/abc and ignore the query, which maybe implies to me the param should be laid out in the string definition of the route


thanks in advance for any advice