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Quentin Le Guennec21:06:57

Hello, is there a way to use datomic's :bytes type with fulcro rad?


Of course. However, I may not have added it to the types map, and not sure how you want to encode that into network layer.


but you can always use an arbitrary invented type name on an attr, and then define that meaning in each context


(e.g. add a renderer, etc)


for example

(defattr a :foo/bar :made-up-type 
   do/attribute-schema {:db/valueType :db.type/bytes}}


RAD doesn’t have anything specific built in to help with bytes, but literally everything is pluggable

Quentin Le Guennec06:06:46

Ok cool. I don't want to network it, it's just to backup clojure data structures I might use later. Thanks for your answer.