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Quentin Le Guennec14:03:39

Hi, I think I'm missing something from the load! guide. Here is my code for the remote:

{:remotes {:promised
              {:transmit! (fn [_remote {::txn/keys [result-handler ast]}]
                            (.log js/console ast)
                            (result-handler {:connect/name "Quentin"
                                             :connect/id :quentin}))}}}
And here is my call: (load! app/app [:connect/id :quentin] Connect {:remote :promised}) I'm not getting any new [:connect/id :quentin] indent in the fulcro db.

Quentin Le Guennec13:03:26

got it:

since you can define what happens to this data via default-result-action or directly in mutations it is really wide open to your own invention. If you follow the standard result format, then you can expect the default load and mutation return merging to work, and error/ok processing to function as well. If you deviate from the standard format then those functions will not work without additional intervention on your part.