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When throwing exception created with ex-info from server, any easier way to get the error map in client side? I am now reading the error from response body in error-action, it's very verbose


You can plug in your own result handler at the global level, or change the response middleware

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If my backend resolver requires more than one parameters, for example, ::pc/input #{:s1/id :s2/id} , how should i declare my component in frontend? I could not find the relevant documentation.


I managed to get the results by including the id in the results from the parent query, {:node/list (mapv (fn [id] {:s2/id id :s1/id s1-id}) (get-list-by-s1-id s1-id))}

Piotr Roterski09:12:20

you could pass additional params during loading by using :pathom/context param:

(df/load! app [:input/a "aaa"] Output {:params {:pathom/context {:input/b "BBB"}}})

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