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hi guys, is there any way to increase the timeout between frontend and backend for specific transaction?

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:12:07

What in particular is throwing the timeout error? Some backend middleware?


when I transact some computation which will take more than 60sec, I got parallel read timeout error, I can confirm the backend take more than 60s so seems the transaction goes to failure status after that time exceed

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)14:12:35

Is the backend returning the error? Is it a setting in pathom or in a Ring middleware or in the http server itself? Can you determine that?


The network timeouts come from multiple places: the server, load balancers, client http remote. There's no way for fulcro to have control over it all. In general a request that is actively transferring data won't time out, but you have transfer limits in some cases as well... Eg AWS API gateway limits you to 10mb both ways I think . 30 second is typical for a request that is computational. You have two options to go above that reliably. Polling and websockets


Make a mutation that starts the computation and adding it auuid you return. The make a load that takes the uuid as a parameter and reports the result and cleans it up.


Sorry on phone, so autocorrect...


here is the exact error I have got


Ah. That's pathom internals. Ask on #pathom


Perfect. Thank you