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Ryan Khetlyr16:11:58

Hey - really appreciating the developers guide - did find one fix, maybe... not sure where would be best to post... anyway in 4.13 refers to a previously built file but loses a require in the diagram - should still have

[taoensso.timbre :as log]

Tyler Nisonoff16:11:46

the dev guide repo is on github if you want to open a PR!

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Michael W17:11:04

That alias is covered in 4.12.1, but is not in the big list from 1.1

Michael W18:11:05

The pathom aliases also covered in 4.12.1 are not in the big list from 1.1 either.


Thanks for the note. Yeah I mainly try to keep those in that main early list so I don't have to continuously repeat them

Ryan Khetlyr16:01:34

would you rather a pull request for each little typo I come across or maybe one big one after I've finished going through the developers guide? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm a bit new to github/open source


If you're willing then one bigger request is less overall trouble

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Piotr Roterski19:11:29

Hello 👋 I've raised a PR against fulcro-rad-demo's branch pathom3 updating fulcro-rad-xtdb However, there's one issue with the migration: rad.pathom3 does not add :tempids to queries globally - I've left the explanation in the PR and asked a on #pathom

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)15:11:14

Awesome! I need the answer as well 🙂

sheluchin20:11:20 > Values can take the form :env/VAR, which will use the string value of that environment variable as the value. Is there any way to update :env/X values without restarting the REPL?


Yep, I did. Unless I'm missing something - which is entirely possible 🙂 - unless the REPL process is restarted with the new env var values, it will still be running in the old context. How would you go about re-defining the value of an env var for it to get picked up?


There's no way in the jvm to change an env var. You can, however, change which config file gets used by setting (System/setProperty "config" relorabspath) where a relative path is relative to class path, and absolute is relative to disk

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