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Björn Ebbinghaus16:11:52

@tony.kay Fulcro RAD tries (and fails) to load potemkin/collections, even when you don't intend to use registered maps.


where/how? I'm using it in multiple need to be more specific about your problem @mroerni

Björn Ebbinghaus17:11:41

Well, I updated my deps from 1.0.23 to 1.0.31 and expected it to not break anything. 🙂 When requiring com.fulcrologic.rad.pathom it wants potemkin/collections as a dependency. As I understand it, the registered-maps feature is optional, and I have to provide potemkin/collections myself?


oh...I forgot to update the POM deps


my bad...the recursive deps are off


I'm going to push 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT as a fix...if you use deps you could also use a git sha dep for it, and that would also fix it.


see if 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT is better


I'm not really ready to do another formal release, so using deps with git sha is a better way to upgrade at the moment.

Björn Ebbinghaus12:11:58

Thanks. Both methods work. I am using the git sha from now on.


Is RAD report renderer for :enum columns missing on purpose? Currently I get the value, rather than the label I specified in the attribute


If forms OR reports support a data type in the UI plugin, then it is intended to be symmetric. So, no, it is not intentional to have such an omission.