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How can I troubleshoot Fulcro Inspect giving me a No app connected error, while the extension icon is lit up and says Has access to this site. It seems to happen periodically and I'm not sure why.


Reinstalling the extension seems to fix it. I'm not on the latest versions of everything, maybe an update will help.


There is definitely a minor bug or two in Inspect. Reinstalling fixes most problems (and is very rarely necessary). Sometimes the doesn’t happen until it is open and a change is made in-app.


Thanks, that's good enough for me. Not the biggest inconvenience. I was more concerned about it happening as a result of some mistake I made.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:06:59

I never had problems upgrading so I recommend using the latest Fulcro and inspect. There are always worthy improvements 🙂


Thanks for the advice. I'm planning on doing that upgrade after I squash a couple bugs in my own code. Inspect hasn't given me any problems since I posted the message yesterday so it's not terribly pressing at the moment.


Question that probably has super obvious answer — how do I run Fulcro / Fulcro RAD server in production mode? I can’t find a main or any obvious entry point that I can run from command line. [scratching head] (It would be great if that were in the Makefile as a way to run server in “headless / no REPL” mode.) Thanks!!


You mean the demo?


I didn’t make one. The fulcro template has one…basically you just do what is in the start from dev: Run mount/start from some function, with the config set to a prod one if you want


Awesome! Totally got it — can I submit a PR to add something similar for the RAD demo? Thx @U0CKQ19AQ!!


if you want


That was super helpful, @U0CKQ19AQ — here’s the PR for fulcro-rad-demo:

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