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michael zhou01:04:20

Trying to use fulcro-rad to make a report. Is there a easy way to do a report like this that can multiselect rows and batch delete them?

michael zhou01:04:10

this table/report is very common in realworld.


Rad is more about the shape of thing vs. the specific features. There are escape hatches built in everywhere, and at the core you can take control of the rendering just by providing a body or a custom render type. Such a thing requires you understand Fulcro. You're actually very close to the "metal" in RAD, so yes, what you seek is doable, but there is no presupplied option for it. I think you could probably do it pretty simply with just a custom control, actually.

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michael zhou03:04:19

Thanks a lot. RAD is very powerful. Is there a beginner custom tutorial for custom report controls.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:04:33

I don't think so. But if you are learning this, maybe you could write one afterwards? 🙏


sorry, have not had the time, and it is probably nearly impossible for beginners that do not understand Fulcro. The amount of code you need to write to do the thing you want is relatively small I think, but you’ll have to understand: • How the built-in state machine for reports works (paginates, in particular) • How to add a custom attribute to your report row query, so you can deal with the checkbox state • How to add a custom row renderer so you can render your UI-only checkbox the way you • Mutations and UISM: so you can make the control modify the props of the rows. It might actually make sense to make a derived state machine for this kind of report since you’re so close to the state of the report itself, and you likely want to add actions that affect this state once you’ve checked them. The best we’ve got for beginners is the rad demo, which shows almost everything that is currently supported by “options” in one screen or another. I talk a bit about more stuff in various videos on YouTube

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but it is rather light right now

michael zhou14:04:55

@U0CKQ19AQ thank you for your great work! I need to learn fulcro well first

michael zhou04:04:39

I am doing some expreiments before considering rad into realworld project.Found some issues as a beginner. sorry.

michael zhou04:04:00

1、how to easily custom form buttons in other language such as chinese 2、Is there a way to display such date “YYYY-MM-DD” in ao/dateformat in report list? 3、custome report like above question thanks for the help or tips.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:04:15

What Tony wrote above. If the built in features are not enough, use the extension points. Eg copy the default semantic UI rendering "plugin" and modify it to your heart's content. RAD does not intend to provide all possible features, only a great, flexible base upon which to built them.

michael zhou12:04:14

Thank you. I see.