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From #cljs-dev The new release of #clojurescript will use a newer closure-library that introduced some breaking changes.

WARNING: Use of undeclared Var goog.debug.Logger.Level/getPredefinedLevel at line 36 /home/travis/build/chkup/fulcro/src/main/fulcro/logging.cljc
Wrong number of args (1) passed to goog.log/getLogger at line 46 /home/travis/build/chkup/fulcro/src/main/fulcro/logging.cljc
This was detected by the canary, more info/full logs here:

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This is on Fulcro 2


I’m not actively maintaining F2. If you want to submit a patch to fix this, please branch from the fulcro-2 branch, and send a PR targeted at that branch.


You’ll need to upgrade dependencies and test it. If you can certify that it looks good, I’ll push an update to clojars.