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Are fulcro RAD attributes accessible in fulcro stateful components? i.e. If I have an attribute that defines a global pathom resolver can I use it to feed data into a component defined with defsc?


Not sure I understand your question. A RAD attribute is simply a map, usually built in CLJC with defattr (which just makes the map with the two required keys). You can use that anywhere…it’s just data. If you put a resolver into the system for that attribute, and by global you mean “has no input”, then you can certainly query for that from “anywhere” in EQL. If from there you are asking “Can I issue a load using the query of a defsc component that asks for that attribute?“, then the answer is yes


But that’s more of just a plain understanding of Pathom and EQL: A globally resolvable attribute is, well, globally resolvable 😉


Thanks @U0CKQ19AQ, I realized that my understanding of load! is lacking and I need to go back and digest this a bit…