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@tony.kay I don’t know if this is already known to you but the “Getting Started” setup has a line which requires Fulcro 3.3.0, yet the deps.edn pulls in Fulcro 3.0.10. c.f. , the line is (comp/refresh-dynamic-queries! app)

Tyler Nisonoff23:01:33

has anyone gotten pathom tracing working the RAD parser? Not sure if im just using it wrong, but struggling to get any tracing data returned…

Tyler Nisonoff23:01:58

seems i had to add the trace-plugin manually, even though it looks like this should be happening if trace? is set to true, which it seems to be for me…. i’ll keep investigating


you need to add the plugin manually

Tyler Nisonoff00:01:54

good to know! In com.fulcrologic.rad/pathom#parser-args it looks like the trace-plugin is attempted to be added, but guess we still have to add it at the top level?


I made Anki flashcards from the first four chapters of the Fulcro book. Wonder if they would be helpful for anyone else.