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I’ve republished the book with more of the unnecessary transaction quoting removed. The book still talks about the fact that you can quote, but that it is usually not necessary.

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I actually need to update the text…it does have some misinformation inherited from 2


ok, fixed a bit more

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Björn Ebbinghaus23:12:19

Hey @tony.kay , I noticed, that some of my dynamic-query ids have a superfluous : as the first symbol, while others doesn’t. This leads to registry-key->class returning nil for these entries. Do you have an idea what is causing this? The query-ids in question are all of components that are targets in a nested dynamic router.

Björn Ebbinghaus23:12:36

Ok. Another hint. All components that have the `:` are using hooks

Björn Ebbinghaus23:12:12

Yes. the :queryid of components using hooks are always starting with : while “normal” components do not.

Björn Ebbinghaus23:12:17

Seems like for non-hook components the :displayName ist build with (str/join "/" [(namespace fqkw) (name fqkw)]) while for hooks it is just the key it is just str

Björn Ebbinghaus00:12:02

@tony.kay I made a pull request to fix this.


good catch, thanks for the patch!