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Hi all - does anyone know what the status of workspaces is in the context of the fulcro-template?


never mind - I think I figured it out..


Is this a warning to be worried about?


core.cljs:159 WARN [com.fulcrologic.fulcro.ui-state-machines:684] - UNEXPECTED EVENT: Did not find a way to handle event :timeout! in the current active state: :failed

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)17:10:15

I am no authority by any means but I don't think so. Is it a router? Timeout would move it to the failed state, if it already is failed then no reason to worry about it...


it means there was a js timeout (set via uism/set-timeout!) that fired a :timeout! event, but the state your SM was in (`:failed`) did not have a handler for it


probably harmless


I'm currently (ab)using a mixture of plain fulcro and RAD. I've got some custom forms (not RADs defsc-form). However I'm calling RADs form/begin-form! on these components. It works well, but I'm getting this error:

ERROR [com.fulcrologic.rad.form:665] -  dr/target-ready! was called but there was no router waiting for the target listed....
Which makes total sense, because these components aren't a router target at all. So my question is: I can't find the actual place where target-ready is called AFTER I called form/begin-form! => where is it, or what else am I missing / doing wrong? On another note. A little bit of feedback for RAD: I hit an edge-case where I needed to escape from RAD forms for the following reason: I have a graph with reified edges. My edge forms have a :source and a :target :ref (not "just" a uuid for various reasons) I can edit my nodes and edges in separate forms, all working fine. When I pull in the edge form as a subform of my node forms, the edges :source picker points to the master-form/node-form and thus creating an infinite loop in RADs form/create!, because it initializes the forms recursively. I understand the recursive initialization is a neat feature and I'm hitting a total edge-case, but I wanted to let you know 🙂


Just on your first question, there's a target-ready in the forms state machine.


See form/route-target-ready .


Ah, I missed that one, thank you! Okay, I can just overwrite the UISM then, and ignore the error for now. I do everything else that happens there myself


I realized my issue mentioned above is only present when I’m trying to run the apps on an actual mobile device. The updates seem to all work fine in an ios simulator. So, unless someone immediately knows where to tell me to look feel free to disregard as the issue appears to b something more network or expo related.


BTW Tony, thanks for all the work you do on this. I think you’re making the world an amazing place. I’m hoping I can have some measure of success and be able to get some of that flowing back to yourself for all your awesome work!

Drew Verlee23:10:20

Following these instructions on the Fulcro rad demo (Datomic Cloud Version)/datomic cloud github branch.

$ clj -A:dev:datomic
user=> (clojure.core/require 'development)
user=> (development/go)
I get the error
Execution error (NoSuchFileException) at sun.nio.fs.UnixException/translateToIOException (
/grow/datomic/dev-local-data is what i specified in my ./datomic/dev-local.edn for the storage-dir That folder is currently empty. Which i suspect is the issue. The datomic doc examples for the dev-local tools have you download examples which contain -eavt and .log files. I'm guessing i'm either supposed to create these database files or download them to get the fulcro example to work. does that round right?

Tyler Nisonoff23:10:00

what happens if you mkdir -p /grow/datomic/dev-local-data/fulcro-rad-demo/example/ ?

Drew Verlee23:10:06

same error. The db.log file is missing. I can't tell if running is supposed to create the database files or if it was supposed to be included (maybe in the repo?)

Drew Verlee18:10:11

The issue was that i needed to specify the full path. 🙂