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There's the decimal-field in fulcro-rad-sematic-ui , how can I add support for internationalization to it? Should I just replace the : or use fulcro-i18n and do something more "clever" ?


Localization isn’t done yet. For now, you can just install a new “style” of control that does what you need and install it as a UI control and select that style for the control in your form


Using a more advanced and localized control is the eventual full solution


I see, alright that'll do. Thanks!


Is the preferred way of writing custom css for a Fulcro application through the fulcro-garden-css lib?


yes, via the :css part of the components


“preferred” is a tough question, IMO


right, I think better to say "I prefer it", hehe, I love the css isolation I get with fulcro and garden, so I like it, but Tony is right, if you don't like it, totally fine to don't use too


Here’s how I look at it: If you’d like your component to have css that is name-munged so it does not conflict with other css libs, then it is a convenient way to do it. Ultimately, that is really all the lib does: namespaces the css classes to the component in question. It’s perfectly reasonable to hand-write small app customizations in a simple css file (or use sass/less/etc) or a theme for semantic ui, etc.


So, a library author that is trying to make exported and reusable controls for Fulcro might choose to do component-localized css just to make it easier to pull into your app.


but I personally do not use the feature on my own apps 🙂


(I hate writing css, so I lean very heavily on pre-written libs of css that I can theme)

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and for minor tweaks I just use :style


thanks all


I’m hoping to lean heavily on a css framework and have very minimal custom css 🤞


I've been happy using emotion css-in-js with fulcro:!/dv.cljs_emotion.devcards

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for me the major pain-point in dynamic CSS (fulcro-garden-css & :style) is that it’s hard to apply a build pipeline to it: autoprefixing & minification depending on prod/dev env also hard to do complex styles which span multiple components i’m mostly using TailwindCSS + classic CSS files with PostCSS for reusable components and complex stuff, rarely fulcro-garden-css (mostly for custom grids & custom at-media breakpoints)