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I have a question about form validation... I created a validator using fs/make-validator. It works fine for checking individual fields, but when calling (portfolio-company-validator props) I always get back :unchecked. How do I get it to check?


Hi, you can try . It is independent library. Maybe it will be helpful for you.


@zilti documented in book under validation. You have to mark fields complete. This is to prevent showing errors before you’re ready


I marked all fields complete, and they react accordingly and correctly as expected. But calling the validator on the entire form always returns :unchecked


I even marked the props complete that have no input field, like :company/id

AJ Snow23:10:15

dumb question, but where does route-immediate sit? Book says data-fetch but it's not there!

AJ Snow23:10:08

survey says: dynamic-routing nvm