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Very helpful thanks!


How would one recommend a Fulcro app that talks to various micro-service APIs for its data/authentication/etc versus the application having its own database? Would this just be a client side Fulcro application? Or could the server side be responsible for fetching the data and transforming it..?


@njustice you can use #pathom on client, as remote And on create many resolvers, for each server With this approach, if you need, you can move the parser into a server without need to re-implement anything


Ah I see.. so I can make resolvers for each api call (I.e. get-some-resource-by-id) and have the server side of my fulcro app handle the parser


I have an old FC2 app that I want to port over to FC3, but I’m leaning more towards starting a fresh app and writing a new server to handle the API stuff - hoping if I can get the data correct I can just move over and reuse all my defsc client side stuff


@U2J4FRT2T I don’t have a GraphQL setup, all my end points are basic REST calls w/ JSON responses, etc. - will that be an issue?


not a problem, its simpler that way


@U066U8JQJ awesome to hear! Are there any example of this I can find?


but thinking today, I suggest avoiding the p.http thing and just do the requests directly, will be simpler, and that abstraction (Pathom HTTP abstraction) is going to die

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