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I did some more work on Inspect. There is a new snapshot of Fulcro 3.4.0 on clojars (or use git SHA 53f9d6828b972f2f832897b19a9ffe31f3b39b63) and new Electron binaries of the Inspect app at I fixed a few minor issues (db view was not pre-populating), and resurrected the old UI Element picker tab. The latter requires you add an additional preload, and only works for web-based Fulcro apps (since it has to use the DOM of your app to give feedback).


I saw that the Fulcro book mentions Workspaces, I was wondering if that's a still recommended tool. From looking at it I got the impression that it might not really be maintained anymore (card discovery doesn't work with recent versions of shadow-cljs for instance - and, while there is a fork that fixes that, it is based on the f3 branch, and that seems to break cljs.test cards)


I still use workspaces in f3 via the awkay repo, but I have no time to maintain it. Feel free to fix things and send PRs.


Speaking of Fulcro Inspect, when running mutations in the Query tab, they always return

  "Mutation not found - {:mutation server/inc-counter}"}}
even though the network tab reports that a successful response (`{server/inc-counter {:server/counter 8}}`) was returned.


Mutations are not supported in the query tab…thus the name “Query Tab” 🙂


if someone wants to patch that, would accept a PR




I like to add a bit here, the mutations do work in the query tab (the operation goes though and runs), but there is a bug in the reading end, so you don't get to see the result, altough the mutation ran

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Hi! Is it possible to know the instance that fired a load or a mutation in the network layer (in the request middleware)?


I don’t think so currently, you’d have to wire it up (in F3 at least). You could do so, but you’d have to adopt a custom transaction processor (i.e. copy tx_processing and modify the necessary functions, then install that in the app), you’d also have to change the remote to pass it through. At least I think….it might be possible to pass it all the way t hrough with the tx options


Thank you for the answer! I know it was a weird question to have the instance in the network layer, but we are in a situation where I can’t think of another way to solve

AJ Snow22:09:19

Is fulcro garden meant to be a replacement for stylesheets or supplementary?


It’s meant for you to decide. I personally use CSS from the community (because I hate building that crap). fulcro-css is useful when writing things like libraries of components that might need to provide css, but you don’t want to conflict with what is already on the page (name wise at least) …whatever…use it if you find it useful 🙂

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Drew Verlee22:09:34

Following the instructions on the fulcro rad readme i was able to successful run shadow-cljs watch main which started an http server on port 8081. However, i expected it to be a more user facing demo page. Instead it seems to be abou testing. What i'm i missing?

Michael W23:09:50

You should read the readme. You get shadow to build, then you open another terminal and run a clojure repl where you can '(require 'development)' and then '(development/start)'

Michael W23:09:18

Then the demo app will be running on localhost:3000

Drew Verlee02:09:31

where in the readme does it say that?

Drew Verlee02:09:40

i just did a text search for 3000 and i didnt see it

Drew Verlee02:09:46

shadow-cljs - HTTP server available at http://localhost:8081 shadow-cljs - server version: 2.8.110 running at http://localhost:9630 shadow-cljs - nREPL server started on port 9000 shadow-cljs - watching build :main

Drew Verlee02:09:58

nothing on port 3000 both in the readme and on my actual localhost

Drew Verlee02:09:55

ah ok. development/go was supposed to start the demo app. It didnt' for me. Execution error (NoSuchFileException) at sun.nio.fs.UnixException/translateToIOException ( /grow/data/fulcro-rad-demo/example/db.log user=> (clojure.core/require 'development) nil user=> (development/go) I 20-09-23 02:56:18 _rad.database-adapters.datomic-cloud:-238 - Starting database :main Execution error (NoSuchFileException) at sun.nio.fs.UnixException/translateToIOException ( /grow/data/fulcro-rad-demo/example/db.log I wasnt sure that error was rel event

Drew Verlee02:09:05

something is looking for a file in the directory that i pointed the datomic dev-local tool at.


For shadow it is easier not to worry about the watch. Shadow comes with its own UI so you can see all the builds. npx shadow-cljs server.

Drew Verlee16:09:53

9630 shows the a "passed tests". page which isnt what i was expecting.

Jakub HolĂ˝ (HolyJak)17:09:06

Try without Datomic-cloud, with just in-memory Datomic. Worked for me a while back

Drew Verlee18:09:29

@U0522TWDA I was following the instructions for the datmoic cloud branch which uses the dev-tools. Which I believe is in memory. I'm currently guessing that I didn't set up the dev tools correctly. Maybe I need to point to a specific directory where datomic cloud has done some thing

Jakub HolĂ˝ (HolyJak)18:09:35

Sorry for bad explanation, in memory wasn't the point. Non-cloud was. Try the master branch.

Drew Verlee18:09:12

I'll try the master branch. Good call

Drew Verlee18:09:16

As a reference

Drew Verlee20:09:16

running the same commands on the master branch gets me the expected landing page on port 3000. Likely the instructions on the datomic-cloud branch are terse in such a way as the expect you to have done something i didn't do. If i discover its intresting ill submit a PR.


No I wouldn't expect 'passed tests' either. There is even another repo for Fulcro RAD that has a different set of instructions: