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I'm having a hard time (re)setting up fulcro inspect • Already tried manually compiling from repository. • Running in Chromium 84.0.4147.125 Arch Linux • Toolbar helper detects a fulcro app • The actual tool is completely blank • This used to work long time ago, ain't sure about the project changes since it stopped working, I will check it out. deps:

fulcrologic/fulcro-inspect {:mvn/version "2.2.5"}
fulcrologic/fulcro     {:mvn/version "2.8.13"}
{:devtools {:preloads    [fulcro.inspect.preload]}}
Any help is appreciated.


try clearing local state of the plugin itself? Uninstall/reinstall usually does it. I know of an existing issue where corrupt stuff ends up in local storage, and crashes it on startup


First I tried Uninstall/reinstall from Chrome Extension store. Didn't work. So I unistalled and manually built it clonning from repo. Didn't work also


ah, and that is the wrong preload for Fulcro 3 and the current plugin


oh, I see, you’re using 2.x. you’re using an old commit of inspect repo?


Thanks for the reply I clonned inspect 2.2.5 and built following the README instructions ( I haven't notice any "compatibility table" "If fulcro 2.x.x use inspect 2.x.x"


there isn’t, sorry. Correlating commit dates for the version of Fulcro with commit dates in Inspect is your best bet


how big is the app? There are a lot of advantages to being on F3 at this point…porting isn’t all that hard. It’s mostly ns changes, and a few tweaks at the edges


Production sized 👀


which company?


Moleque de Ideias. @U2J4FRT2T's team. He is currently porting another project "A" to Fulcro RAD. I'm currently working in front-end improvements in project "B", which is receiving less priority from the team right now


ah. so I’ve ported 2 production apps at this point personally. The README covers most everything you’d need to know. Not sure what kind of line count you’re looking at… But, if you just want to get the tools working for 2, I’d recommend using Google Chrome. Don’t waste your time on other unknowns.


Also, be sure to right-click within the Inspect tab itself and open the dev tools on it…you can see console errors related to Inspect there (you’ll have two dev sections open at once)


Wow! Inspecting the inspector!


yeah, the console logs are important…that’s also where you’d clear local storage and cookies and such


also, Chrome is officially supported. Others are not, but usually work

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More info: I also can't inspect stuff from


Occam's razor remminder: just installed the Arch linux AUR's google chrome and chrome web store's Fulcro Inspect plugin and it worked 😓


Many thanks @tony.kay

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