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sorry for the noob question: I’m building a new project using the fulcro 3 template. It uses a mock database, but I’d like to swap that out for a rdb (mysql)


I’m looking for any examples anyone might be able to share


@mitch249 it doesn't build off the fulcro template, but I am writing a series of blog posts about building a database backed fulcro app from scratch. Maybe the post on integrating a database could be helpful for you:


Awesome will check it out, thanks!


See also RAD’s SQL adapter (not fully baked, but somewhat functional)


I've written up some of my notes from the first Fulcro 3 video: I'm planning to keep documenting until I understand Fulcro myself since documenting it forces me to onboard everything, if you're learning Fulcro yourself you may find it helpful or better yet I'd encourage you to document it too


I’ve thrown an annotation on that page (public) via Hypothesis (web and pdf annotation plugin for Chrome). Perhaps others could chime in that way as well. I don’t plan to watch your progress, but if you have a question that would be a great way to ask it and get an answer others could refer to.