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Chris O’Donnell00:02:05

@tony.kay Do you know the status of the sql fulcro-rad adapter? Looking at the github repo, I don't see any commits since late december. I would be interested in helping to push that effort forward if the previous maintainer doesn't have time for it anymore.


funny you should ask 🙂 Today I got an intro to the work in progress from the previous contributor. So progress has resumed but it might be a week or two before anything visible/useful pops out. If you have a special place in your heart for this work, I could direct my efforts elsewhere. @tony.kay for visibility.

Chris O’Donnell01:02:16

Excellent, glad to hear that. 🙂 I don't need to be the one pushing this along; I'm more interested in seeing the "end product" made a reality. Please let me know if there's anything I can help out with.


Thanks @U0DUNNKT2, will do.

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how do you turn guardrails off with shadow-cljs? when releasing my shadow-cljs app I'm seeing this error: ExceptionInfo: REFUSING TO COMPILE PRODUCTION BUILD WITH GUARDRAILS ENABLED!. i have the same configuration shown in fulcro templates, basically only my :dev build has :compiler-options {:external-config {:guardrails {}}} , and my :release build is empty.


@alidcastano did you figure it out?


is also should tell you why it was enabled? (jvm prop vs config file)


yep, you pointed me to right direction. I had it enabled in my deps.edn :dev alias, and shadow-cljs was always picking up the alias


though I imagine the fulcro templates have the same problem


since the {:aliases [:dev]} shadow-cljs configuration is done globally


ah, yeah, that’s a problem


actually, it’s not. I don’t enable G.R. in the dev alias in deps


The reason I use a JVM property is that you can set them via command-line -D, which means I can easily put that in my CLJ REPL startup instead of a config file. So in IntelliJ I have that just in JVM args for a particular run config.


Glad I added that exception on release builds, though…you don’t want G.R. in those…we kept getting bit by accidentally having it enabled (had a pre-running shadow with the option set, do a release build, it connects to running server and screws up).


so this is the line I commented out to get my web release working: i think it's what you're referring to as the JVM property, but it's what's causing the error so it does seem to be causing G.R. to be included and yea, glad to see that exception there too 🙂


oh, the native template…didn’t look at that on. Yeah, send a PR…should not be there


sure, here ya go ty for helping to figure out issue


ugh, that was my PR which added GR to jvm-opts, but AFAIR GR didn’t work in native if passed through shadow config... anyway, it certainly doesn’t belong to jvm-opts, better still to pass directly to shadow cli hopefully i just screwed up and it would work fine any way though


oh well tbh I haven't gotten to using native yet, I was just setting up my fulcro project based on that template. so not sure what the workaround would be to getting GR to work in native


hm @alidcastano, you sure you don’t have it enabled in jvm-opts?


Fulcro 3.1.13 released with slightly improved multi-root support according to feedback from @mdhaney

metal 24

verified to work with vanilla js lib React Navigator