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@pithyless Yes, you need to make it so your server responds with the trace…you have to send the key requesting it with your query….use global-query-transform


I'm not sure if I understand correctly. On the server, I've enabled the plugin pathom/trace-plugin. This lets me query for :com.wsscode.pathom/trace.


But I can't figure out how (or if) it's possible to enable the lower UI widget for showing tracing as in the pathom-viz card.


This is with Fulcro 3.0.10 and Pathom 2.2.26, so I don't think I could even pull in the original pathom-viz as a workspace card, since that is based on F2.


Ah, I see now! The trace is visible in the Network tab of the Inspector, but not the Query tab where I initiated it.


hey,, I’m curious if anyone has been running fulcro via graalvm native-image builds?