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Sure, it’s not an either/or: discussions on Reddit seem to have different dynamics than chat. I’d say just give it a try: invite people there, point to the stream, specific topics and see if you can gather a nice crowd and accumulate content/experiences!

Piotr Roterski00:11:12

sure, I'll give it a try 🙂


Without much attention the Fulcro-stream already has 30 subscribers…

Björn Ebbinghaus15:11:41

@tony.kay Having Fulcro 3.0.8 in my deps breaks buttons in awkay/workspaces. Only the second character of the intended label is rendered and the buttons don't seem to work. (see picture) With fulcro 3.0.6 everything is fine.


I got that too. Move to 3.0.10 and it will be fixed.


Also com.fulcrologic/fulcro-garden-css {:mvn/version "3.0.7"} if you use that.

Björn Ebbinghaus15:11:22

Thank you. Seems like I am too slow to keep up with the updates.

Björn Ebbinghaus15:11:00

I wish I could retract Slack mentions so that Tony doesn't get bothered with already fixed stuff. 😅


You can edit and remove the mention if you like. Under "...", which is "More actions", then "Edit message".


clojure -Sdeps '{:deps {olical/depot {:mvn/version \"1.8.4\"}}}' -m depot.outdated.main --update

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Ahmed Hassan16:11:53

in {:query ['*]} what do '* stand for?


' is a quote…it makes the next thing in the input be literal (otherwise * is seen as an unresolved symbol)…you can quote the entire query (e.g. '[*] or just the *…but no eval happens in a quoted thing, so quoting the whole query can be a bad idea when you;re composing

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Think of it like single quotes in Bash vs "…but this is a lisp, so it knows where to stop (after 1 form), so there is no need for a closing quote 😉 Strings use pairs of " because in those, there is no way to know how to auto-end them.

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