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I continued coding on the binary front today, and added the ability for you to upload files as part of a mutation. This completes the binary interaction story for HTTP remotes: You can return binary data from a mutation, and now with 3.0.10 you can also upload binary data, all within the context of mutations. Fulcro 3.0.10 is on Clojars, The book has been updated, and a quick video is available on YouTube:

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There is also a binary-stuff branch on the Fulcro template where I wrote the code for the video…it isn’t complete (doesn’t do anything with the files), but you can also play with that if you like:


My new favorite clojure lib for showing off to people to cause heads to explode. Always fun and rewarding. Clojure + Datomic Cloud + Fulcro + Pathom == OMG.

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Ahmed Hassan16:11:55

Crux can be used as an alternative to Datomic Cloud.

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To some extent, but there are some differences (like Ions).

Piotr Roterski18:11:49

Hello fellow Fulcronians! 👋 I started a discussion at reddit about Fulcro having a potential for being Clojure's killer app and it got some interesting responses: I have noticed that there was no Fulcro subreddit, so I've created it! Please, welcome to ! fulcro While slack is great for quick help and time-sensitive chat, I think reddit is much better for persistent, long-term discussions. /r/fulcro could be great place to share examples, articles, discuss and ask big-picture questions. I hate that a lot of valuable discussions on slack get lost forever in the abyss of slack archive on Zulip. @tony.kay , as well as other contributors, deserve special rights there, but I don't want to burden you guys with a task of maintaining this subreddit. It should be really a community effort - so far I'm the only mod there but I'm open to grant it to anyone willing to help. 🙂


Thanks @pt.roterski, I’m not currently open to having yet another place to monitor/post. I simple have to limit where my time goes, and I have a lot of idea I’d still like to get implemented. I’d love it if the community got behind you and helped. Also, please feel free to quote me from here…also, remember that there is an archive:


not great to search/use, but it is there 🙂

Piotr Roterski23:11:34

Thanks! I have totally no expectation of you to monitor it yourself - you're doing amazing work and I certainly wouldn't want to distract you from it. In case anything interesting shows up, I can always share a link here. Just like the discussion from /r/clojure linked above - there were few voices dismissing Fulcro because of too overwhelming initial contact. A subreddit with all relevant resources, community-made tutorials and examples could make it a bit easier.


@pt.roterski there’s also a fulcro-stream on Zulip: Messages won’t vanish and the topics allow for focussed discussions, e.g. point beginners to a specific topic etc

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Piotr Roterski23:11:44

@eval2020 thanks! I've seen it but unfortunately it's not very active AFAIK, and even if it was (and that would be great!), subreddit should exists anyway if we want to attract newcomers - reddit for many people, me included, is a place to start research on almost any new topic. Zulip is much less popular and in effect less visible. Additionally, in my personal opinion, reddit is just better suited for building-up community knowledge than chats even with topics.