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@abhi18av is giving a shot at optimizing big table rendering in Fulcro Inspect’s data viewer. To help him out I made a YouTube video showing some tips on performance measurement and React tips on making slow UI faster. This has more general interest, since it shows: 1. Some nice measurement techniques using Peter Taoussanis’ lovely tufte library. 2. Talks a bit about where to look and how to think about getting the most benefit. 3. Shows converting complex DOM rendering from functions to query-less components as an optimization. 4. How to do development work on Fulcro Inspect using the Electron App. The vast majority of code is shared between electron and chrome, so this can be a great way to add features to inspect if you’re looking to contribute.

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@tony.kay I'm building a "generic" data inspector right now so it is very interesting to see your approach to it. thanks for sharing.