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Thank you for being open to it. I know you are pushing out Fulcro 3 at the moment and this should probably not be high priority right now. In the future if you want to set up a donation per issue kind of system, I would be happy to try to help fund stuff like this.


Does some of what you're after


Thank you @U0D5RN0S1, that looks really neat. I will try to play around with it.

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What is the recommended way, if there is one, of adding role base authorization to a Fulcro application? Is there a library I could integrate with Pathom?


@wilkerlucio I was talking the other direction: You remove the table entry, and something scans the entire db and removes edges that point to that entry, handling to-one and to-many cleanly.


I’ve been holding off until F3 matured more, but now that it’s in RC and I’m in a good spot to make the change, I’m thinking about migrating my React Native app. I just wanted to check and see if anyone has tried this yet and are there any known “show stoppers”?


@mdhaney The “hooks” to get React mounted up have not been tested by myself, but they are present.


see the constructor args of fulcro-app


Realize that I’ll go RC and full release without a Native verification, since I don’t use it for Native myself, nor do any of my commercial users (that consult with me, at least)


Sure, and even with F2 I don’t think you’ve ever claimed to “officially” support RN. But there’s no reason for it not to work, and it’s a nice “extra” to have. Fortunately, shadow makes it easy to monkey patch any changes that might be needed for RN, then I can submit a PR and you decide whether or not to deal with it (just like we did with F2 - I recall a couple of minor tweaks we had to make with it).