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I think I've found a bug. In if i change a phone number, the submit button isn't enabled. I think it's because (fs/dirty? person) uses the the denormalized props from PersonForm, and PersonFrom isn't refreshed when PhoneForm changes.


Is anyone using fulcro with emacs? I am trying to follow the fulcro book, but am having problems in starting the server, since the repl jack-in does not seem to work for the clojure when the clojurescript-jackin is already running


@U49RJG1L0 What version of emacs are you using? Are you able to start the clojure repl without the cljs-repl?


I use spacemacs 0.200.13 and I am able to start the repl, but it does not load the :dev alias. And I am unable to bring it to do so


The default jack in command does not specify aliases. This article will guide you on fixing this:


Steps: 1. Create a file called .dir-locals.el in your project directory. 2. Add this line of code: ((clojure-mode . ((cider-clojure-cli-global-options . "-A:dev")))) This will add the dev alias your deps.edn file when starting the repl


Thank you, that worked! :thumbsup:


After upgrading to FC2 (that uses react16), I’m also getting Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'any' of undefined. Which I think is related to the prop types module being remove from React, but I assume Fulcro is pulling in the new prop-types module not the one that ships with React. Any ideas? This error is pointing directly to my Root defsc component


@maxt it is very possible. The refresh story has changed, so a parent that relies on derived state can have such issues.


@njj no other reports. works for me. No ideas.


@tony.kay How about the Uncaught Error: Assert failed: (fn? root-class)?


I’m sorry, @njj, I have no ideas that spring to mind.


@tony.kay ok, thank you for confirming. Would you say getting the data in the mutation instead (maybe using db->tree) is a good approach? Or would it be better to somehow get the parent to refresh?


I’ve recorded videos on forms…the short answer : do what makes sense for your situation. Both are valid approaches.

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Beta 17 is on clojars. Fixes the internal order on mutation processing (network result it merged and targeted before ok/error action now). Also fixed a release build issue with fragment

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