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I tried to adapt aws-amplify react authentication HOC a while back but ran into some trouble so hacked around it terribly. Now I am trying to follow the Google Maps example and I'm hitting the same error (or at least it looks like it).


When trying to run (ui-location-view ...) I get the following.


When using react native defsc from fulcro.client.primitves works but the one from com.fulcrologic.fulcro.components gives:

FATAL [com.fulcrologic.fulcro.components:332] - Cannot find app on component!
the problem is that components (eg X) defined with defsc from client.primitives we can’t run (com/get-query X) on it, throws:
ERROR [com.fulcrologic.fulcro.components:473] - Query ID received no class (if you see this warning, it probably means metadata was lost on your query) #error {:message "", :data {}}
any ideas?


@sifou are you suggesting that you are trying to mix the two versions?


f2 and f3 are not cross compatible. They can be on the classpath at the same time, but they cannot be “mixed” in a single app


well, they can in a sense…you can embed a F3 app sort of inside an f2 one and vice-versa, but only in the sense that one could provide the DOM mount node for the other.


workspaces does this….ws is written in f2, and can embed f3 apps/components in a card, but only because ws doesn’t actually do anything but provide a DOM mount point