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Fulcro 3.0.0-alpha-1 is on clojars. NOTE: This version uses new namespaces and is not ready for production, but it is available for those that might like to play with it. The source currently contains a todomvc example that shows the new construction functions for client and server. It does not work with Inspect (yet), but it does have both standard and websocket remotes. All of the core features needed to build an app are there (I think). I've ported in the router and ui state machines from incubator, and mutations do not require quoting (if you've required them..calling a mutation as a function just returns the list containing the mutation symbol and params, like mutation decl in incubator). A number of legacy APIs are being removed, including: - "Easy server" - Load markers no longer respond to true and no longer put data in place of the item being loaded. Lazy loading helpers are gone. - A number of things that no one probably even knew existed.

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Some things that are missing are simply not ported yet.


the server in that example is not implements only one of the remote mutations...anyone that cares to step up and finish it is welcome to. The server is a manual start via REPL (see comment section at end of

Chris O’Donnell16:06:23

@tony.kay I finished up the todomvc example; happy to submit a PR. Just have a couple of questions. You mention in your contributing guidelines that you prefer an issue be opened along with PRs. Would you like me to do that? Also, I wasn't able to get the immutant server running without adding an explicit org.jboss.xnio/xnio-nio {:mvn/version "3.3.6.Final"} dependency. Looking at my dep tree, I had the xnio-api api dep, but not that implementation. Not sure if this is an issue with my local setup; I haven't used immutant before.


@codonnell nice. Just send a PR…no issue necessary. Everything else work ok?


weird that you had to add a dep…I’m using IntelliJ with JDK8

Chris O’Donnell16:06:18

Pretty much. The All/Active/Completed buttons didn't have mutations attached to them; they just changed the url. I added mutations so they work properly.

Chris O’Donnell16:06:36

I'm on ubuntu with openjdk8; was just running with clj -A:dev from the command line.


oh yeah…that was one of the old tmvc behaviors: use URI routes…but screw em 🙂


I do always have the test dep enabled as well


so perhaps it is bringing it in


but immutant isn’t a perm dep anyway, so doesn’t matter


Fulcro3 code is so much easier to understand!

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yeah, right?