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Community help wanted: I know the docs say how to do this, but I’m doing so many other things I don’t feel like researching it…how do I make a spec that will report the right thing like this:

(s/dev ::thing (atom-of ::other-spec))


where the explain output works right (e.g. goes into what is wrong with other-spec


a predicate won’t do that…I think it might need to be a macro?


well, but I have an “app” data structure that has things in atoms, and I want to see errors on it when Ipass it


so, what do I do, use Schema instead???


I’ll read it, thx


I guess that makes sense. So, drop the nested checks when passing ::app around, and instead put checks wherever the data in the atoms are used…that’ll work. Gotta love learning new ways of dealing with “alternatives to type checking” 🙂

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you can make something like this Where db? can be a (s/valid? ::-app @app)


possibly, but I think the right thing to do (now) is what Alex is saying in that reference. The deep checking I was doing was overkill and didn’t really lead to anything useful when Ithink about it.

Chris O’Donnell23:05:58

Has anyone had luck getting React hooks to work with fulcro? I've tried putting them in a function component's let binding as I see in, but every time I look at the compiled js the hook gets bound as a var instead of a const. Is there just a trick to it I'm missing?