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does fulcro exclude from a query any keyword that begins with ui, or does the ns of the keyword have to be exactly ui? e..g would both and ui/my-thing be excluded from the query forwarded to remotes?


In docs it says: Any :ui/ namespaced query elements are automatically elided when generating a query from the UI to a server, allowing you to easily mix UI concerns with server concerns in your component queries. You can also globally modify queries via load’s :update-query option, and even set it to a global default via an option to make-fulcro-client.


thanks, appreciate the help. figured that was the case but just wanted to be sure since there are one or two examples in the fulcro codebase of a ui-prefixed ns for keywords. guess that doesn’t do anything


Pretty easy in current version to add your own logic to that


client option:

`:query-transform-default` (optional) A (fn [query] query) that is used as the default `:update-query` for data-detch/load parameters.


read the rest of that doc string on make-fulcro-client


you can modify it to work the way you’re talking about, and also have it do things like elide form-config key, etc.