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Ahmed Hassan15:04:29

What is assoc-in part doing here? does it put data into table at required location?


@UCMNZLJ93 Yep. :person-to-edit is set to the [:person/by-id $id], the parser will get that from the {:person/by-id } in your app state and send the data to the UI.

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just adding to what @U3LP7DWPR said, in app state you have normalized data in tables, like :person/by-id, and references to specific normalized instances via idents, [:person/by-id 123], assoc-in is setting the latter

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Ahmed Hassan05:04:22

Can we do everything with 16. Form State Support (new) which can be done with 17. Full Form Management (Older Support) ?

Ahmed Hassan05:04:24

Or does Full Form Management have more features to it?


@UCMNZLJ93 Think so, it's the recommended approach now (the full in the old approach name might be a bit misleading). Think old full form support was a bit more intrusive, the new form state support is nicer 🙂

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