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@currentoor yeah its inside a router


then same, make up a router


not sure I follow


the component thing worked, but I guess I’m confused why I have to make it up @currentoor


@njj so we have a normalized app state, and the way to reach entities in this structure (with queries) is with an ident, which give an entity a unique and specific identity


routers use both idents and queries for that purpose


Hi im using form-state and found something that i’m questioning if its intended behavior. If I have a field which is an unrequired subform, my form-delta shows {:before nil :after []} when calling form-state/dirty-fields for this field without changing anything.


I might have found an issue is the function form-state/dirty-fields. If items is nil, cond will succeed for the :else case, making a vector the current-value instead of nil

Mark Addleman17:02:14

If I specify :initial-state through new-fulcro-client can I also specify initial state in components? From a quick experiment, it looks like the component's initial state fn is called but the resulting value is not merged into the db coming from new-fulcro-client.


@mark340 if you specify :initial-state, the initial state coming from components isn’t used

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(however you could manually pull in the initial state coming from components and merge it in)


Does anyone know where i can find the repo for , want to contribute.


I don't think so, the content looks different and that repo hasn't been updated since april 2018 while the link i posted was updatd in December


@njj It’s in the root of the main Fulcro repo as a adoc file


I build/deploy that to a separate server…eventually maybe I’ll set it up to deploy to the github-based website.


Fulcro Incubator 0.0.28 is up on Clojars. This version adds a few tweaks to the dynamic router and better support for load/remoting within UI state machines.

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I think that fixed the problem I was running into. I got it working before by setting the :deferred-timeout really high, but now it works even if it's low


I’m curious what the benefit of the dom macros have over Sablono?

claudiu06:02:10 nice article about this stuff.


Thanks that was super helpful. I had those assumptions but wasn’t 100% sure that my assumptions were correct