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Silly question but how do you pass additional props to a component that don’t appear in the query? e.g. if I have a component rendering a “task” but I also want to pass a prop to configure something about the component


is merging it in the props fine?


No, use computed


If you merge to props, refresh can happen purely from query, and the computed stuff is lost (since the parent wasn’t called). See docs/book.


@claudiu PR merged and on clojars as 2.8.1-SNAPSHOT. I wanted to add a few more things (a default update-query, and rename of started-callback on the new client constructor to client-did-mount). I want to test it for a while before cutting a release.


Sounds good, will also test out the snapshot in my projects :)


hi, i’m still playing around with the new routing stuff. I’ve got it basically working with pushy, but had a question about some of the api’s. I was using accepts-route? to check to see if say ["user" "2"] is a valid route, and I found that it was also returning true for say ["user"] and ["user" "2" "3"]. after digging in, I found that calling route-target and comparing the returned :matching-prefix key to my route actually gives me what I want. So I’m fine, but was just wondering if that’s a bug in accepts-route? or the intended behavior