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@tony.kay I submitted a PR regarding an issue we got when removing translations and re-running i18n-extract and i18n-merge. I'd love to get any feedback on this 🙂

đź‘Ť 10

sounds fine to me. merged, and releases as 2.7.1.


hi fulcro folk - happy new year! i’ve fixed a small bug in the client dom for wrapping form elements - haven’t created a PR yet as it depends on a cljsjs PR being merged because i added airbnb’s enzyme lib to help with react lifecycle testing any feedback/objections to this strategy?


@j1mr10rd4n I’ll need a lot more background…please open an issue and describe the problem/fix pls


I’ve used enzyme…I can tolerate it as a test dep.


Thanks! busy, but I’ll get to it ASAP.


NOTE: The sente upgrade will break Fulcro Spec server test runner…patching now, but will require upgrading fulcro and fulcro-spec to latest versions at the same time (if you use the browser runner)