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@jeremys Pathom and Fulcro are tightly related, and Pathom includes all sorts of tools that are specifically for Fulcro use. The server-side parsing of EQL (which is what Pathom and Fulcro use) is a simple “drop in place and go” thing.

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@tony.kay as of 2.6.17, render-to-str doesn’t seem to work anymore, complaining upon invocation of (dom/render-to-str (root-factory props)) that something is not component. This worked in 2.6.16, and usage of this is shown in:


Thanks, I added a bunch of SVG tags…mush have accidentally busted something. What is the “something” that isn’t a component, any idea?


Check the ticket…My tests call that exact kind of code, and they pass, so I’m curious if you’re doing anything like refer :all on DOM, since it has set symbol and filter now from SVG, and that could mess with your clojure functions. Perhaps I should rename those so they don’t conflict.


Has anyone deployed the new lein-template (shadow-cljs based) to heroku? Not sure how to get heroku to run both npm install and lein uberjar. Workaround would be running npm install locally and committing the node-modules directory?


I haven't, but it sounds like what you need is multiple buildpacks:


thanks! trying that out


you could also add prep tasks to the uberjar profile


There’s a lein plugin for running sh commands…but not sure on Heroku…the build packs is prob closer


Yep, got it working with the node buildpack, thanks.