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Fulcro 2.6.16 on Clojars. Has a simple bug fix for mutation remote detection that was affecting @levitanong when using UI state machines with custom remotes.

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Andreas Liljeqvist11:11:49

Snapshot feature seems problematic in inspect. When restoring snapshots it still renders with old props unless the ident changes

Andreas Liljeqvist11:11:27

Props changes as expected, but renders with old value

Andreas Liljeqvist11:11:58

"Force app re-render" doesn't help


there are a lot of things that can go “wrong” with snapshots, but the feature itself is trivial (copy the state back to your app and force a root render). Your code changes can make a snapshot irrelevant, and chaning a UI query requires a UI reload…so the problem you’re seeing is probably not inspect/snapshots itself @andreas862

Andreas Liljeqvist11:11:06

This was using snapshots without making any changes to the code between snapshotting and reverting

Andreas Liljeqvist11:11:50

Only doing mutations to state

Andreas Liljeqvist11:11:41

which also can be seen in the inspector when restoring snapshots

Andreas Liljeqvist11:11:25

Tried activating "Paint flashing". Nothing happens when I push "Force app re-render". Even though a prop value has been changed

Andreas Liljeqvist11:11:32

unmanaged inputs - does of course not play nice with the re-render

Andreas Liljeqvist11:11:55

Sorry, thanks for the help

tony.kay17:11:45're saying your problem was unmanaged inputs? Yeah, that matters. There is one other thing that can go wrong: inspect is in a chrome extension, and for security it cannot see the actual app state...the database changes are "sync'd" to it via serialization. If you put things in app state that don't serialize, then that'll not work either.