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anyone using fulcro template project.clj converted it to use tools.dep ?


Only for the frontend so far.


I'm checking out the new fulcro lein template. I noticed that it's not launching a server on port 8020 for the main build as before. Is that a bug?


Perhaps we are meant to launch the server manually? (the README needs to be updated).


also cemerick/piggieback needs to be changed to cider/piggieback


Also, in cider, to enable the use of clj and cljs repls to use a single java process, the shadow-cljs.edn file should be modified to use {:profile "cljs,dev"} so that the dev profile is picked up and the clojure repl will have the required dev dependencies.


I also had to add the clojurescript dependency under the project.clj :cljs profile.


@pauld Thanks for trying that out in emacs...the README tells you how to do builds does it not? I'm not an emacs users, so feel free to update the template, try it out, and then send a PR.


ah, sorry yes it does. I it was just there is a line in the readme after launching 'npx shadow-cljs server' that has "shadow-cljs - HTTP server for :main available at http://localhost:8020" haha - I feel so nitpicky.


Thanks @tony.kay I'll see about putting together a pull request based on my experiences. Cheers.