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Daniel Hines16:04:04

Am I correct in understanding that (defmutation ^:intern new-foo ... creates a function called new-foo in the namespace in which defmutation is called?


@U8QTB156K as far as I know defmutation is just a macro that creates a multimethod. If you give it a namespace it will use that one, if its simple it will gen the dispatch key with the current namespace. No ideea about the ^:intern stuff.


That does intern a symbol into the ns for the action. I added it primarily so devcards could find the source code for display…but it is also useful for testing.

Daniel Hines23:04:38

I'm a bit stumped as to why a certain value isn't being sent to remote. I have a component Survey that has Question's. User input runs mutations to give values to Question. I see those values both on screen in the DB of fulcro-inspect, but when I transact the submit mutation from Survey, the values on each Question are absent, and don't get sent to remote. What am I missing?