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I'm getting started with fulcro after having looked into om next a year or so back. Really enjoying the documentation and power fulcro looks to give!


Been able to hook it into an existing project using aleph and websockets. I've done a simple remote read and answer from the server. When I pass the load fn {:target [:root/things]} it works, awesome! There is one peculiarity though. When not doing the load with target it just renders the initial state as props. But when I load with target, there is one re-render where the initial state is passed as props, ok, but then a render where the props are empty-obj/null, and then another re-render with the result from the remote.


@bbss Load markers are probably the answer. I’d have to see things to be sure. Loads overwrite the state of the thing with a load marker (legacy, but still the default). Add :marker false to your load and it should fix it.


Yup that fixes it! Cheers, really enjoying fulcro so far.


Glad to hear it. I’ve been wanting to change that default for a while, but it could affect production code that relies on the default.