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If I want to use the db->tree function, where is it normally used? I used it in the read function passed to the parser but thinking it should maybe be used when destructuring props in the root component? Or somewhere else?


@pontus.colliander So far only needed it on the server side.


@claudiu Aha, so are you relying on manual denormalisation of the state client side then?


@pontus.colliander Only use it for the initiall app state that I put in the html for the client to pick up when it first loads 🙂 Client side fulcro kinda does all of the hard work, no need db->tree in client so far for my app 🙂


hi all, is there an anonymous version of defsc?


there isn't, but I had missed it a few times too, you can fallback to the ui macro if you need to write some higher order components