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@levitanong let me know how it goes.


@U0CKQ19AQ I tried it with preact and preact-compat. I haven’t gotten it to work so far—the devcards end up having the tag <undefined></undefined>


Not sure why that would be. Fulcro uses nothing but low-level react api, unless preact and Closure don't get along... but closure is pretty configurable to use node modules.


At first I suspected it was a devcards thing, but the issue appeared for me when I tried it on a work-related project that was simple in its infancy. <undefined></undefined> appeared wherever I used map. So now I’m not sure.


I’m working on combining all of the significant documentation into a book form (live HTML from Asciidoc). This will be easier to search and read. A pre-alpha preview is available here:


It’s a little bit messy and disorganized at the moment. I’ve been dumping stuff into it as best I can, but proofreading the whole darn thing has not happened yet, so expect that I’ll repeat myself and that some things might be wrong or confusing. Most of it should be pretty good, though. The devcards version of the Developer’s Guide will be dramatically shortened back to an interactive tutorial, or possibly dropped. Not sure yet. A lot of the dynamic content is in the new book (still dynamic).


If anyone is interested in contributing when they find errors, I’m working on the book branch in DevelopersGuide.adoc