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2.0.0-beta6-SNAPSHOT on clojars. Has two things: - Targeting entities is not possible. Demos has a new demo (e.g. load entity, link it into the graph in many places) - load-field(-action) now accept a map (or the legacy named parameters). This makes it consistent with load


typo on: Targeting entities is not possible ?? should be now?

Hendrik Poernama11:12:14

Hello, question: Does anyone have experience using fulcro/ talking to graphql API? I'm wondering if there is any 'impedance mismatch' between graphql and om's query.. I'm guessing it should be straightforward given both are graph-like. I'm assuming I will have to write my own translation layer?

Hendrik Poernama11:12:23

I'm currently using react-apollo with re-frame, but I'm seeing complexity building up. I also think I'm spending too much time debugging react-apollo rather than my code..


@poernahi There was a recent discussion on this channel. Copy/pasted the discussion to a gist file 🙂

Hendrik Poernama14:12:22

cool, I'm gonna experiment with wilkerlucio's code. Maybe it can grow into a full library/plugin. Cute dog btw

Hendrik Poernama14:12:05

I prefer full stack clojure, but saas vendors are choosing to expose graphql 😕


@tony.kay thanks for the new Fulcro 2 videos! I just watched them and it was very helpful! I found it to be a gentle introduction and really well paced. It was nice to start with a pure rendering story for UI and slowing introducing state, queries and mutations. Do you plan to record more of these? I had a quick chat with @wilkerlucio and he managed to make me even more excited about Fulcro 😉 Thanks for such a great work!


@poernahi let me know if you need any help there, things are half baked but I was able to get something working during experiments 😉


@pedrorgirardi Thanks! They get better each time I do them, I think (this is version 3…Untangled, Fulcro 1, now these). Yes, my plan is to do more, especially intro style like this.


Thanks Tony! They are really helpful, looking forward to the new ones then :)


plan on continue building up what I’ve shown so far


Just wondering. Is it possible to use defsc with sablono ? (or something similar that's hiccup-like)


Are there guidelines for tackling normalization issues? It feels like it's broken until it's not, and I don't know how to track down where the issue might be.


@claudiu no, I asked earlier. @tony.kay suggested I just wrap defsc with my own macro that includes sablono.