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does anyone have any nice fulcro apps on github? mine is starting to look like a forest of keywords 😅


just finishing my first app, going into production today but it's private repo for work. But haven't ran into issues with stuff like forest of keywords. Can u share some code ?


I'll put it in public repo when I'm done 🙂 I have a lot of components that display the same entity in different ways so I have lots of duplication in queries, initial states etc. Like displaying a user as a badge with name and then displaying him as full info page and then elsewhere displaying it as name and amount of money they have.


It's a small app, but my paid work stops me from progressing swiftly. That and my incompetence 🙂


@roklenarcic in the same boat. The project that going live is for my company but "outsourced" in my free time since it's for a client and we could not get it into the roadmap. And of course from a 1 page app with google login, turned into noraml+google, 2 levels of admins etc... and the deadline remained the same :))


Yep, that's the same and probably close to the only issue that I have had so far, left it with multiple components for now. I'm really amazed how easy it is to refactor fulcro apps, had to change a lot of approaches that I did not get right 🙂 After the deadline will also try to find a pattern for that use-case.


when using defsc what is children variable supposed to contain?


@roklenarcic React children (can be empty)


It's just a helper which binds children to the result of ( this). See:!/fulcro_devguide.M05_More_Concise_UI


Does anyone already have specs and generators written for Om query syntax? I’ve got some built, but am having trouble keeping them from barfing on stack overflows and such during generation


perhaps my REPL is just hosed…it is being weird


I’m having trouble with specs not respecting re-compiles. Has anyone run into issues like that?


yeah, I’ve had general problems with them…I guess that’s why they are still alpha


but I so want to use them 😕


yeah i know exactly what you mean…


property-based testing sounds so good when someone talks about it…then you try to do it in the real world


and it is all stack overflows and failure to generate


I’ve pimped the heck out of my specs with manual generators, too