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It’s official: Fulcro 1.0.0 is on clojars.


@roklenarcic You can use the garden selector '&': (garden.selectors/& :div


hey people, do you know if there is a way to handle @keyframes on garden?


nevermind, found it at garden.stylesheet/at-keyframes 🙂


Is it possible to add multiple validators and validation messages to an input managed by Fulcro's form support? I want an input which checks for a value between 0 and 100 and shows one message and a validator on that same input that checks on if decimals are inserted. Currently I am showing one validation message that tells the user that either the value entered is not between 0 and 100 or contains a decimal.


@fatihict Validator composition is function composition under a new validator name. Rendering the message is up to your interpretation in the UI…so you’d have to look at the value in the UI code.